Check Out These 5 Spontaneous Acts of Kindness That Will Show Your Loving Spirit

The world has been a little rough for most folks in 2020. A pandemic, an economy in tatters, and no shortage of natural disasters – everything is a bit overwhelming, to say the least. But, the easiest way to spread joy is through random acts of kindness. Even the smallest act of kindness has the power to turn someone’s day completely around. Why? Well, every time you show kindness to someone, you are telling them that they are important and matter to the world. You can even inspire them to pass that ray of sunshine along to others! Not sure where to start? Here are some simple suggestions below:

1. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in line.

2. Leave a gift card or small token of appreciation in the mailbox for your mail carrier.

3. Pick-up the litter you see in your favorite public park.

4. Pay for someone’s meal when you dine-in or order carryout.

5. Bake some cookies or brownies for your neighbor.

6. Offer the parents in your life the night off and babysit for no charge.

7. Write an online review for one of your favorite local businesses.

8. Donate the barely worn clothes at the back of your closet to charity.

9. Send an unexpected care package or snail mail to someone you care about.

10. Give out as many genuine compliments as you can in one day!

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